EMG HZ H4A Guitar Pickup

EMG HZ H4A Guitar Pickup
EMG HZ H4A Guitar Pickup
Brand: EMG
Product Code: EMG HZ H4A Guitar Pickup
Condition: New w/o packaging
Price: Rp. 300,000,-

EMG HZ H4A Guitar Pickup

  • Made in USA
  • Endowed with warmth, body and clarity, the H4A is a very versatile pickup and is perfect for everything from blues to rock to metal. The tone is very well-balanced, with solid bass, pronounced mids, and fat highs. These great tonal features are achieved by utilizing vintage wound coils loaded with Alnico V bar magnets, all fully shielded for minimal noise. The H4A is most often used in the neck position, and is commonly used in conjunction with its cousin, the H4, for a perfect balance of tones. The H4A shines with superb clarity, full body, and delicate responsiveness which will suit almost any style or mood.

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