Hipshot BT2 Bass Xtender Nickel

Hipshot BT2 Bass Xtender Nickel
Brand: Hipshot
Product Code: Hipshot BT2 Bass Xtender Nickel
Condition: New
Price: Rp. 1,575,000,-

Hipshot BT2 Bass Xtender Nickel

  • Expand your bass's versatility with the BT2 Xtender.
  • Use the BT2 Bass Xtender to drop-tune your USA '67-'82 Fender P- or J-Bass with a flick of its lever.
  • Also retrofits Geddy Lee, reissue '67-'82 Fenders. Fits 11/16" headstock holes.
  • Installation instructions and mounting hardware included.
  • Tunable from E to Low C.
  • Allows you to drop-tune your bass—from E to Low C.

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