Ibanez SynchroniZR Tremolo Bridge Chrome

Ibanez SynchroniZR Tremolo Bridge Chrome
Brand: Ibanez
Product Code: Ibanez SynchroniZR Tremolo Bridge Chrome
Condition: New w/o packaging
Price: Rp. 1,050,000,-

Ibanez SynchroniZR Tremolo Bridge Chrome

  • Bridge
  • Tremsetter
  • Backplate
  • Tremolo arm
  • Springs

Ibanez introduces their new design for the ultra modern Vintage style trem. Basically the front half of a ZR, it does have redesigned saddles I couldn't quite figure out, and then forgot to come back to it. As you can see from the pics the ball ends load from the bottom of the block and are seat into the middle of the saddles. It has no fine tuners as it's a non locking unit to be used with a regular nut, and as the SV5470 is the only model it's currently on [in the US anyway] with locking tuners.

Being ball bearing it's a silky smooth feel and since it doesn't have the ZPS bar it has that spongy feel of a ZR with the bar removed. Rob Balducci was commenting on how smooth it felt compared to the EZ and I showed him it was because there was no ZPS bar so it's only working 2 springs instead of 4. The package also includes the new ZPS-FX spring system which adds a bolt that can be screwed into place to block the trem of pull up motion. Using this you can overload the springs like on a vintage trem to keep bent double stops in tune just like the ZR, or you can leave it spongy, it all depends on your preference, but you will loose pull up ability.

There is the same included intonation tool as the ZR and EZ and you can see where it would screw into the back of the saddle to butt against that hump coming up through the saddle. At least I think that's how it works, or looks like it from the pics anyway.

As it is also Chinese made it has the same crap saddle lock down screws as the ZR and EZ. Just to repeat, my problems with these might be isolated as ZR's have been used on 10's of 1000's of guitars and I haven't heard any complaints about stripped lockdown screws. Again, time will tell as I'll obviously be dealing with a lot of these. - EDIT - the saddles lock down screws are not the same as the ones I previously had trouble with on the S Gigers. These have a much deeper head and are proving to be OK. -

IMO this is a very forward thinking design to make a super-vintage trem for use on a super-strat. With everything else the SV does it's probably the perfect hardware for the combination and should attract players of other styles of guitars.

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